Quartz recetion countertop

100% European made quartz countertops


7 reasons
to choose European quartz tops by Diapol

  • Tariff and antidumping Free Quartz countertops

    Since 2018 Asian quartz slabs and cut-to-size countertops are subject tariffs in the US. Diapol’s quartz tops are fabricated from European made quartz slabs in Estonia. This ensures that Diapols`s products are not subject to import tariffs. Save up to 50% compared to domestic fabricators.

  • Color Matching Service

    Your desired material color can be found immediately. We supply an unlimited number of European stone designs. We can color match any project specifications.

  • Turnkey Solution

    Your quartz countertops will be measured, fabricated and installed. Professional advice to find optimal solutions for your projects.

  • Large Volumes

    Our state of the art highly automated Eastern European fabrication facility is capable of supplying quartz countertops for even the largest of projects. 

  • Easy Bidding Process

    Your bids will be returned within a maximum of ONE week. Your bids will be formed and priced based on the architectual plans, or drawings provided by you. Upload your drawings here

  • Fast Delivery

    Your projects will be delivered between 8 till 15 weeks. 

  • ISO Certified Management Processes

    Our production and management processes are ISO- certified (ISO9001, ISO14001), our business is 100% environmentally friendly.

Your Products

Diapol’s tariff-free Diastone Quartz is an excellent choice for any project. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Diastone Quartz for your next project now.

  • Quality – made from the finest raw materials
  • Affordability – very competitively priced. Save up to 50% compared to domestic fabricators.
  • Versatility – perfect for many different settings, hospitality, home-building and more...
  • Aesthetics – an attractive addition to any space
  • Durability – easy to clean and wipe-down
  • Long lasting – offering years of use
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How We Work

We follow a very simple, yet effective, service model which is proven to deliver the best results to our customers.

Product Sourcing Consultation

In order to deliver a first class project, we have to start right. Our consultation will help us establish your specific needs and the project scope. Working directly with designers and contractors, we’ll quickly pinpoint the most appropriate stone products for your specific project and talk through each option with you, to ensure you have a clear understanding of each step, from consultation to delivery.


Once we receive your bid, our fabrication team will create a set of technical drawings, tailored to your project. These describe the product(s) that you’ve requested. Bid drawings enable us to deliver you an accurate and competitive bid. Our customers have always valued our exceptionally fast and accurate bidding process.

Production and Delivery

Successful delivery is a team effort, bolstered by streamlined communication, and constant interaction amongst all parties involved.

  1. Once you accept our bid, your dedicated project manager initiates production.
  2. You are kept updated on the progress of your order throughout the entire production process.
  3. Our logistics team schedules freight and delivery dates, wherever and you need your products shipped to

Where we work

Our factory is located in the European Union, within the Baltic State of Estonia.

The combination of our over-100 experienced staff members and the latest technology we employ – CNCs, Bridge Saws, edge polishing machines and Waterjet Cutters – enable us to have a very high production capacity, capable of taking on any job, no matter its size.

We’ve worked with many of happy clients over the last 25 years

Hotel buffet countertops made with white quartz.

Hotel vanity tops made with white quartz.

Hotel vanity tops made with white quartz.

About us

Diapol makes worktops easy for you. With more than 25 years of experience we can help you all the way – from inspiration to measuring, from ordering to installation.